I've just launched a redesign of the site!

This is the fourth time I've changed the design of my personal page. The first site was the first time I'd ever written HTML or CSS, way back in my sophomore year. I didn't even know about Git back then, so (fortunately?) no version of it still exists. Version 2.0 was when I jumped to GitHub Pages and started learning Javascript. I constructed some bizarre mess of jQuery callbacks and local storage to make panels expand and retract, then covered the whole thing in a smear of Apple's then-ubiquitous linen pattern. Nice. Version 3 kept the same basic structure but expunged a lot of the awful textures and shadows, plus cleaned up the Javascript considerably.

Version 4 integrates blogging into the site for the first time. It's done via Jekyll, which I picked even though I'm a Python guy because of it's very nice integration with GitHub Pages. Jekyll lets me write posts in Markdown, which (along with Mou) has become my go-to for note-taking and drafting. The design of the site was done with Macaw, which I highly recommend. I'll be tuning the site over the next couple of weeks and also trying to get into the blogging habit when I have some cool code to share.