Brian Jacobel

Software Engineer

This page describes my recent work experiences. You can also view my formal resume here.

As a Senior Developer at Axios, I led projects including building a server-rendering infrastructure for a large-scale React site, a high-performance Node/GraphQL server, a monitoring and alerting stack and a scalable CI/CD system. As one of the original members of the frontend team, I helped enshrine the practices of testing, documentation and remote-friendliness in the Axios tech culture.

May 2017  •  Dec 2018

At edX, I worked on modernizing the edX JavaScript developer experience, including laying the groundwork for new development in React, Redux and ES6. In addition, I built and maintained features for educators and learners, like a major overhaul of the discussion forums and a new course navigation experience.

April 2016  •  May 2017

At Localytics I started as a generalist, but found a passion for frontend development in JavaScript and grew those skills to take ownership of parts of Localytics' frontend code. While at Localytics, I:

  • helped build the Remarketing feature, which drove over a quarter million dollars in ARR in its first quarter
  • worked on debt reduction across the Localytics stack, including migrating Remarketing's AngularJS code from Coffeescript to ES6 and from the Rails asset pipeline to Webpack.
  • built a React app (powered by AWS Lambda) that helps manage and secure access to a massive AWS fleet.
  • helped document and package that React work into a toolkit that will be used for future internal tools.

July 2015  •  January 2015

My first post-grad job was as a Web Developer at Raizlabs, a Boston mobile development firm. As a member of the web development team, I created responsive web applications, scalable backend services, and APIs that drive awesome apps. I worked on a wide variety of projects, including:

  • a Ruby on Rails and AngularJS interactive marketing tool that was seen by over 1,500 medical professionals across the U.S.
  • REST APIs for an innovative new telecommunications app, an amusement park with global reach, and a Fortune 50 retailer
  • a blazing fast data collection backend using Go and MongoDB that scales to 10,000 concurrent users
  • Every single level of the stack, from pixel-perfect design implementation in HTML and Sass to DevOps with Ansible, Docker and Amazon Web Services.

June 2014  •  June 2015

Over the summer of 2013, I worked at Atlantic Media on the development team behind the web properties of The Atlantic and The Atlantic Wire. Using Django and PHP, I worked with a small, agile team of full-stack developers on projects including an interactive feature seen by 250,000 visitors. I continued to do freelance work for the Atlantic through the following school year.

June 2013  •  February 2014

Starting in the spring of 2013, I became the web developer for The Bowdoin Orient, inheriting a large PHP code base that encompassed both the site's front-end and the newsroom CMS for editors. While maintaining that code base, I worked on a next-generation system built on Django, Amazon Web Services, end-to-end testing and high scalability.

April 2013  •  Present